Outside vis-à-vis Inside*

 Outside vis-à-vis Inside*

Outside vis-à-vis Inside*

In the realm of life, a

 truth we find,

Indulgence is not happiness, 

it’s a bind.

Cool restraint, 

a serene embrace,

Guiding us to a 

 tranquil space.

A wild mind, 

an animal untamed,

Disastrous results, 

when it’s unrestrained.

Regulated thoughts, 

a steady guide,

Leading us through 

life’s turbulent tide.

Unbridled actions, 

a path to calamity,

Thoughtful steps, 

a wiser strategy.

Yogic mind, 

in bliss it dwells,

Passionate heart, 

takes one to hell.

Others experiences, 

a learning boon,

Self experiments, 

in reality, is a bane. 

Learning from others, 

a sensible art,

In this short life, 

wisdom impart.


the focus light, 

Beyond sensory thrills, 

pure insight.

Our next journey, 

self-exploration’s call,

A quest within, 

where true treasures enthral.

P V Vaidialingam

uma kanthan

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